10 Things to do before you sell your house

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10 Easy things to do before you sell your house

Brand new or 50 years old, no house is perfect.  During a home inspection a lot of different items reported on.  Many times, they are minor suggestions due to deferred maintenance.  And the less that’s in the report, the better it looks!  We’ve put together a list of 10 items that aren’t too costly, but should definitely be considered before you plan on selling your house.

1.Install/replace any light bulbs

Does that outside light work or doesn’t it?  I’ve seen as many as 15-20 lights bulbs burned out in a house, leaving a potential buyer wondering if there is something more to it than just bulbs.

2. Replace furnace filter/tune up

An annual service to your furnace will keep in functioning at its peak performance, and hopefully be on top of any unexpected repairs.  For your furnace filters, try buying them in bulk so that you have extras on hand for replacement.  You can also set up auto-ship from an online retailer if you need the reminder.

3.  A/C condenser line insulation 

Find your AC condenser outside your home, and take a look at the coolant lines going to the house.  These are wrapped with a foam style insulation (or should be).  If not, it’s a simple and inexpensive maintenance item to replace that helps your AC run efficient.

4.  Tighten any door handles/knobs/hinges

A sagging cabinet door from a loose hinge never looks good.  A few minutes around the house with a screw driver should have you taken care of.  If you run into any snags from stripped out screws holes, check out YouTube for some DIY hacks.  Toothpicks or a golf tee might help you out.

 5. Outlet/switch plate covers

These are so cheap and easy to put on there is no excuse.  But they are also crucial in protecting little ones (and you) from LIVE contacts on the side of a receptacle or light switch.

 6. Update smoke detectors/carbon monoxide alarms

It is recommended you replace your smoke alarms every 10 years (National Fire Protection Association).  Check out the side or back of the unit to see the manufacture date.  Most carbon monoxide alarms are good for 5-7 years and should have at least one on each level.

 7. Clean gutters/Install downspout extensions

If you’re lucky enough to have gutter guards on your gutter, you get a pass on cleaning(they sometimes still need it).  The downspouts on your house should have extensions long enough to divert the water away from the foundation.  The grade around the home should also be slightly sloped away to help divert as well.

 8. Repair window screens

There are several local hardware stores that can repair your window screens.  If you’re feeling handy you can buy screen and spline and tackle this project, but there can be some finesse to it.  Plus, it’s doesn’t break the bank to have a pro take care of this.

 9. Door/window seals

Do you have condensation between the glass in a window or door?  Fogging?  The thermal seal has failed, and while the window may still be functioning, it can be a major annoyance.  Getting just the glass replaced may be cheaper than you think.  Check with you local glass company for an estimate.

10.  Exterior caulking/painting

Maintaining the exterior painted surfaces of your house is it’s first line of protection from the weather.  Depending on how far it has weathered this could be a big job, but any of the touch up trim/moulding areas can be handled on a weekend afternoon.  While you’re at it, don’t forget to caulk/silicone any exterior areas where needed.