8 things home inspectors HATE


8 things home inspectors HATE.

If you want to get on the home inspectors good side, you can help him(or her) avoid running into these situations.


1. “Land Mines” in the backyard.

We always have our eyes peeled to be on the lookout so we don’t step in it, but when you’re also trying to pay attention to the outside of the house, it happens.  Sometimes we don’t realize it until we climb and track in on our ladder when accessing roof!

2. Baby proofing on cabinets and receptacles. 

I have these at my house too for my little one, but these slow us down.  And every now and then I’ll run into a cupboard lock that is stubborn that is really tricky to get open.

3. Hoarders garage/basement.

We want to do the most thorough job possible when inspecting your soon-to-be new home, and when a garage or basement is chucked full floor to ceiling, that makes it really hard.

4. Blinds/window treatments.

There’s nothing like opening a set of blinds only to have them rip out of their brackets, and then spending another 5-10 minutes re-installing the correct way.

5. Sellers who follow us around/turn everything off.

Yep, this happens.  Not all the time, but every now and then there’s that one person.  I make a point to let the seller know(if they’re sticking around) of what’s going to take place during the inspection.

  • We fill tubs/sinks and leave them full until the end of inspection
  • Leave multiple lights/fans on until the end
  • Leave the dishwasher/oven/washer/dryer running
  • Etc.

6. Burned out light bulbs.

Some houses are dark inside without much natural light, and that’s okay if you have proper lighting.  Some houses are dark inside and have several light bulbs burned out throughout.  So, some houses I go through the entire house with a 3000+ lumen flashlight to see what I’m looking at.

7. Steps/entry not shoveled(in winter).

I’ll give you a pass if its a vacant or seasonal house, but if you’re living there lets keep that clear.  If you leave a shovel, I might even do it for you 🙂

8. Attic hatch in a tight location.

I attempt to enter every attic possible.  A lot of older homes will have the hatch in the worst place…  In a small closet with shelving, above a stairway, or in a normal closet but full of storage items.