Cottage Check in Traverse City Area

Cottage Check in the Traverse City Area


Stuck where you are and wondering what’s going on with your vacation home?  I  can help!

This is “essential!”

Who knew we would ever face such an epidemic like this in our country.  It has caught so many of guard, myself included.

I am a local home inspector that offers home inspections, radon testing, water testing, and septic inspections based out of Leelanau County.  I am a certified home inspector, carry general liability and E&O insurance, and travel in a company vehicle.

The cottage check will include an exterior and interior walk around of the property,  confirming HVAC system is working and on, ensuring no water leaks are present, and any other items that you may be concerned with.  I will deliver a report with photos and comments emailed to you the same day.

Rates are very reasonable and depend on location in the 5 county area of NW Michigan.

Feel free to call, email or text for any inquires.