Your Home Inspection Checklist

This is my super busy time of year! I’m happy to find myself inspecting homes throughout the Grand Traverse region including Leelanau and Traverse City. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I know buying a house is a huge investment (probably the biggest!) and I love giving my clients and customers the knowledge to make the right decision when it comes to making a house their home.

It’s my job to point out everything, within the scope of your home inspection, that might need repair, replacement, maintenance or further inspection.

I offer full and complete documentation in a final report for your home inspection. To help you along in your home buying journey, I  put together a general home inspection checklist to give you a heads up on the general areas and issues you can expect to see on your final home inspection report.

Check List

Lot: Inspect drainage in relation to the house.

Foundation: Thorough inspection of the walls and ceilings in each room, looking for evidence of leaks, mold, etc. An exterior inspection is also covered, looking for cracks, shifts in the foundation as well as any trees or other landscaping that may be encroaching into the foundation of the house.

Roof: Review overall condition and the age of the roof, noting any repairs or an estimated replacement time frame.

Attic: Inspect the interior of the roofing structure, paying close attention to signs of leaks or cracks causing energy efficiency concerns.

Basement: Check for any dampness, including any odors that might signify mold and or wetness.

Electrical: Make sure the switches work, note any issues or malfunctions. Confirm if outlets are grounded and check the electrical panel to see if it has been updated, and/or expanded for additional appliances or a remodel.

Plumbing: Check for any signs of cracking or sewer line concerns.

Appliances: If appliances are included, the age and condition will be checked.

Heating/cooling system: Check the function of the system and the year.

Well, there you have it! A general check list of common areas covered during a home inspection. With my services you can expect a full and comprehensive final report covering those main areas of focus and additional notes depending on your property and your areas of concern.