New house | Should I get a home inspection?

new house

New House | Should I get a home inspection?

One of the frequently asked questions I get from home buyers is ” It’s a new house, do I really need a home inspection?”  And my answer is always, “yes!”

I inspected a new house this past week that the builder just finished and put on the market through a realtor.  The house was beautiful, great curb appeal, and the right amount of details inside.  The buyer called me to have it inspected stating that his last new house he purchased several years earlier, he didn’t have inspected and wished he did.

Typically, the list of defects for a new home is going to be pretty minimal.  A loose faucet, maybe a torn screen, small items that didn’t get fully installed, or small damage from other tradesman on accident that went unnoticed.  Things of that nature.

This home had a leaky roof.  I found approximately 15 nail heads exposed on the face of the shingles.  They were nailed too low, and the row of shingles above didn’t cover the nails.  From inside the attic, the roof sheathing had water staining and elevated moisture.  It doesn’t take long for water to damage a home. Thankfully this defect was taken care of right away by the builder.

Even though a builder will often offer a 12 month warranty on a new home,  defects like this may not have shown up visibly inside the home until after that warranty was up.  Leaving the home owner to cover the bill for repair.

If you’re purchasing a new home (or used) in the 5 county Traverse City area, feel free to give us a call and get your inspection scheduled.  Rates start at $300.