Radon Testing | Traverse City, MI

Radon testing Traverse City, MI

Radon Testing in Traverse City, MI

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that is a result of decaying uranium.  It can transfer from the soil into your home regardless of your foundation type; slab, basement, crawl.  And is only second, behind smoking as being a leading cause of lung cancer.  It can find it’s way through cracks or openings in the foundation, floor/wall joints, exposed soils ( sump pit or crawl space), even through your well water.

It is estimated that 12 percent of homes in Michigan have elevated Radon levels of 4 pCi/l (measured in picocuries per liter).  The good news is that if your home does have elevated levels, a Radon mitigation system can be installed to lower them to safe levels, or almost completely eliminate them.  To put it simply, a mitigation system is a vent pipe with a fan attached that pulls the air from under your foundation and directs it to outside your home.  The prices on these system vary, but on average cost around $1500.

We use one of the most sophisticated Continuous Radon Monitors on the market, the Air Things Corentium Pro.  The Corentium Pro has 4 sensors for and is one of the most accurate monitors available.  The typical test for a real estate transaction takes 48 hours, and is set up in the lowest living level of your home.  In order for the test to be accurate, closed conditions must be maintained (normal in and out of house is fine).  Since the monitor also records, temperature, humidity, and even movement, it will show if the test has been tampered with or if the closed house conditions were not met.   Test results are available immediately, and will provide hour by hour results, along with an overall average Radon level for the test.

Call today to have your home tested.  If booked with a home inspection, cost is $125.

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