Spring Ahead

Can it be true!? Is Spring right around the corner? This week we had our first thunderstorm. And although a true blue Michigander, knowing that we could very well have snow into May, I must say that waking to the last remnants of snow washed away by the night’s rain and a hint of spring in the air, had me feeling energized. This weekend, we will “spring ahead” or “spring up” or “march forward” whatever you want to call it, we will set our clocks ahead; a true sign that spring is indeed around the corner. So, what better time to start planning a some spring maintenance for your home?

Whether you’re thinking about selling or buying or just enjoying your home, kicking of a good maintenance plan this time of year will help you in the long run regardless of your immediate real estate plans. As a Certified Professional Inspector through the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) for Wil-Do Home Inspections,  I’ve experienced first hand the benefit of home maintenance and how lack thereof can put strain on not only your financial investment of your property but your time and resources.

So, a few tips to get you started. I recommend breaking your home down into three categories: exterior, interior, and grounds/outdoor just to make sure you cover it all and not to overwhelm yourself.

Old man winter can be harsh, especially on your roof. Save the ladder, and do a simple spot check. Are there any shingles out of place? Shifted? Missing?

Move on next to your chimney (if you have one!). Is there any breakage or gaps in between bricks?  This is could be a sign that, rather than getting repelled, water is getting absorbed. If this is the case, protect the masonry by applying a couple coats of a water resistant barrier material, do some research to confirm the correct application to put on your brick. Those bricks need to breathe!

Onto your exterior walls. Regardless of the material, look for damage or openings. Keeping these sealed will prevent water, outside air, or critters to make their way in! !

You can finish up your exterior maintenance by checking your foundation. If you discover any type of crack in your foundation, make some observations: what does it look like? Is it vertical, a step crack, horizontal? Vertical hairline cracks are fairly common to see and generally not a concern but anything else may require calling a foundation specialist who can offer a long term solution over homeowner caulking. When it comes to foundation, caulking doesn’t always cut it.

I hope this quick plan helps give you ideas to get your started in planning your spring home maintenance. Check back soon for tips on your interior and grounds maintenance.

Here’s to Spring!