This is Why I Love My Job

I feel honored to be a trusted resource for my clients when it comes to their home buying journey. Buying a home is a major investment and with most major investments there can be a certain level of nervousness, uncertainty, perhaps even doubt. With my homes inspection services, you can feel at ease that you are working with a trusted partner to give it to you straight. It’s my job to point out everything, within the scope of your home inspection, that might need repair, replacement, maintenance or further inspection.  I strive to give my clients the knowledge to make the right decision when it comes to making a house their home. It feels good to help people make in their big life decisions. Not to mention the great folks I get to meet! I feel fortunate to have created some lasting relationships with some of my clients.

The other major perk to being a home inspector is every day is different. Sure, I might have back to back home inspections, which all follow a similar process and thorough routine with detailed reporting, but every house I visit and inspect is different. From very old homes with stone foundation and log floor joists to rooftop views of Crystal Lake, I thrive on the adventure of it all!

So, thanks for sharing your homes with me and trusting me to inspect your home, offering you honest and detailed information so that you can make the best home buying decision.