Infrared Camera Home Inspection

Infrared camera traverse city, mi


Infrared camera (sometimes called thermal imaging) use during a home inspection is becoming more and more popular.  Informed home buyers aware of accessible tools are looking for home inspectors that offer these services.  And home inspectors that want to offer a complete inspection to their clients are arming themselves with these cameras.  It provides a way to view a home in an entirely different perspective.

To put it very(very) simply, infrared cameras measure the surface temperatures and display them as a picture with various colors for each temperature range.  In the picture above, hot and cold water pipes can be seen being fed in and out of a water heater in the basement.  The hot being the brighter yellow color, and cold being the darker purple.  Had this water heater been leaking, a visible darker or lighter color may have been visible near the floor or on the water heater.

The options are endless for thermal imaging, these are great tools for seeing water leaks, missing insulation, overheated electrical components, thermal breaks, inspecting in-floor heating, baseboards/radiators, or other items that may be difficult to inspect or find problems otherwise.

Wil-Do Home Inspections has implemented infrared technology into all our home inspections and use it at various points of the inspection, as a complimentary service our customers.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or if you would like to book a home inspection!

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