New Tool Offers Greater Detail for Home Inspections

The roof of a home is one of about a dozen general areas  that I inspect and clients can expect during my home inspection services. The condition and findings of the roof inspection are always detailed in a full report to my clients.  Those details are so important.  And I love it when I can add some innovation to my tool box that can benefit my clients and enhance my level of service.

To enhance the detail of my roof inspections, I’ve enabled a remote telescoping pole camera. This allows me to better inspect extreme roof heights in potentially dangerous situations, like winter frost and ice.  It also helps me to inspect extremely tight and difficult angles and slopes. This is a huge added benefit for my clients because they can see for themselves any damage and they can be assured that I am offering a thorough inspection. Operating from a tablet at ground level, I can also capture screen shots to include in my client’s home inspection report.

The condition of a roof can affect the entire home. Homeowners can expect that most roofing will have a lifespan of about 15 to 30 years, and some last even longer. But when it’s time to replace, it’s a major investment, so it’s a good idea for home buyers to understand the condition of their roof before they purchase their home. It could leave for room to negotiate or at least allow time for them to make financial plans based on a replacement timeline.

Many times a leak in the roof is glaring and obvious but I’ve also come across those smaller drips that go unnoticed for months and culminate in a huge indoor flood. Not fun! If I can help alleviate that kind of damage to your roof and home through my inspection details, I want to.  Obviously this is a great tool my clients will benefit from during my roof inspections, but I have also used it to assist with crawl spaces that don’t have adequate clearance.

I’ve already started to integrate this innovative tool in my home inspection services in the greater Grand Traverse area; in Traverse City and Leelanau, and my clients have been happy with the level of detail and that’s all that matters to me. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to schedule your home inspection.

Check out the short video offering a sample of a recent roof inspection.