Secret Tunnel House

secret tunnel home inspection

A lot of times when in a social setting and people find out I am a home inspector, I’ve often get asked, “What’s the coolest house you’ve ever inspected?”

You would think if might be difficult to narrow down the different houses, but this is always an easy one.  The secret tunnel house.  When I respond that I inspected a house that had a secret tunnel in the basement that connected to another house, I always get LOTS of questions afterwards.  Technically speaking, the tunnel wasn’t a secret, but looking at the house or property from the outside, you never would no it was there.

It was located in the basement of a 100 year old house.  A row of bookshelves along the wall, and above one of the shelves was a door handle that would swing a section of bookcase open to reveal stairs down into the tunnel.  I have to say it was quite roomy down there.   Like a very long basement with high ceilings(roughly 60 ft long). From the outside, it was a grass lawn and very hidden.   On the other side of the tunnel you entered the garage of another newer built house with an elevator that you could take up to the living area, or down into the finished basement complete with a steam room.

secret tunnel house

For the record, these homes were one tax parcel in Leelanau county, and being sold as a pair.  But they were on different streets and their backyards adjoined.  My inspection consisted of both houses and the tunnel.  By far one of the most unique and interesting properties I’ve been in.  And I’m sure i’ll never have another home inspection with a tunnel!